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Premium Bond quiz
A woman buying Premium Bonds
Premium Bonds are more popular than ever
Premium Bonds are 50 years old on 1 November. Right from the beginning, the chance of winning a big cash prize has appealed to millions of Britons.

Recently Premium Bonds have been growing in popularity, with more money invested in the past five years than during the previous 45.

Try out the following quiz to find out how much you know about this highly popular investment.

When you've got your result, why not e-mail the quiz to your friends to see how they measure up?

Question 1
The computer which selects winning Premium Bond numbers is called ERNIE what does ERNIE stand for?
A: Electronic Remuneration Number Issuing Extractor
B: Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment
C: Electronic Reliable Number Indication Equipment
Question 2
How much money is currently invested in Premium Bonds?
A: 32bn
B: 3.2bn
C: 320m
Question 3
With average luck a person with the maximum Premium Bond holding of 30,000 should win how many prizes per year?
A: 5 prizes
B: 10 prizes
C: 15 prizes
Question 4
If you win a Premium Bond prize how long do you have to claim it before it is forfeited?
A: Six months
B: One year
C: There is no time limit on claiming a prize
Question 5
The first Premium Bond prize draw was on 1 June 1957, what was the top prize?
A: 1,000
B: 10,000
C: 100,000
Question 6
When Premium Bonds were launched in 1956 which politician said: "Now Britain's strength, freedom and solvency apparently depends on the proceeds of a squalid raffle." ?
A: Harold Macmillan
B: Harold Wilson
C: Winston Churchill
Question 7
The annual "Miss Premium Bond" competition came to an end in which decade?
A: 1960s
B: 1970s
C: 1980s

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