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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 September 2006, 09:06 GMT 10:06 UK
Irn Bru maker's summertime boost
AG Barr products
"Made in Scotland from girders", Irn Bru is AG Barr's most famous drink.
A hot summer and new products have helped Irn Bru maker AG Barr put a fizz in its profits, which climbed 8.2% in the six months to the end of July.

Barr said sales of its energy drink Irn Bru 32, the relaunch of Orangina and its St Clements Fruits range helped it earn 9.4m before tax in the period.

Scotland-based Barr said the continued decline in demand in the fizzy drinks market meant it needed to innovate.

In July the firm, which also makes Tizer, bought water brand Strathmore.

Some of the biggest growth was driven by the non-carbonated St Clements range, which grew by 250% in the six months, helping push overall sales at the company up 8.9% to 72.2m.

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