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Last Updated: Sunday, 10 September 2006, 10:38 GMT 11:38 UK
Supermarkets covet Polish spend
A Polish food sign in a corner shop
Signs for Polish food have popped up in recent years
Leading British supermarkets are stocking up on Polish food to supply the thousands of Poles who have moved to the UK in the past two years.

Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda are all introducing new Polish ranges, keen to tap into the substantial spending power of the UK's growing Polish communities.

Items sold include borsch, meatballs, pickled vegetables and sauerkraut soup.

Stores are expected to develop Polish ready meals in the future to try to compete with specialist delicatessens.

Many corner shops, especially in London, have begun stocking imported Polish brands.

'Diverse cuisine'

But the UK's three largest supermarkets are all keen on a slice of the Polish market, with many Poles having significant disposable income and wanting to buy familiar foods.

Sainsbury's was one of the first to get its products onto the shelves, according to the Sunday Telegraph, offering 32 types of Polish food last week.

The food is currently available in 11 stores including Hendon in north London and Luton in Bedfordshire.

The types of items that Polish people miss the most are comfort foods such as soup, pickled cabbage and marshmallows covered with chocolate
Martin Koyce, Tesco

Tesco will start selling its own Polish range this week, ranging from borsch and salt sticks to delicacies such as cabbage-based dish golabki and flaki, a popular soup.

Asda is expected to follow suit next month.

Martin Koyce, Tesco's ethnic project manager, told the Sunday Telegraph: "Britain has long been known for its diverse taste in cuisine and this latest venture will only add to that experience.

"The types of items that Polish people miss the most and that are in greatest demand are comfort foods such as soup, pickled cabbage and marshmallows covered with chocolate."

About 230,000 Poles registered for work in the UK between May 2004 and March 2006, according to official figures.

But the actual number of Poles living in the UK is thought to be much higher, with some estimates putting it as high as 600,000.

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