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Last Updated: Friday, 4 August 2006, 14:54 GMT 15:54 UK
Polish exodus shrinks job queue
Google workers including Poles
Search engine giant Google has been hiring Poles in the UK
Polish unemployment has reached its lowest level in five years, spurred in part by the rush of people seeking work abroad, government figures show.

But although July's jobless rate fell to 15.7% from 16% in June, it is still the highest in the European Union.

The government has worried about Poles leaving to work in other EU countries since Poland became a member in 2004.

The news comes amid plans by Polish officials to persuade UK-based Poles of job opportunities back home.

Brain drain

Earlier this week, officials from the south western city of Wroclaw said they would travel to Britain to convince Polish migrants that more job opportunities exist in Wroclaw than when Poland entered the European Union.

Many [Poles] have left the register of unemployed because they have left for work abroad
Labour Ministry, Poland

The officials - who are worried about the brain drain seen in recent years - are planning on visiting the bars and pubs frequented by Poles in London to try to lure them back.

They are concerned that a shrinking labour pool will mean Wroclaw will attracts less investment.

Since reaching a high of 20.7% in 2003, Polish unemployment has fallen steadily.

"Some people have found work in social jobs subsidised by the state Labour Fund. Many have also left the register of unemployed because they have left for work abroad," said the Labour Ministry on Friday.

A final version of July's jobless figure will be posted later in August.

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