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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 August 2006, 13:18 GMT 14:18 UK
Swindon 'leads broadband Britain'
Broadband internet user
Nine million British households now have broadband connections
Swindon is the UK's broadband capital, with more than 50% of households having high-speed net access, a survey says.

Research group Point Topic says Swindon has a high broadband take-up because it is prosperous and well covered by cable and BT's DSL network.

Other towns with high broadband usage include Watford, Stevenage, Milton Keynes and High Wycombe.

Merthyr Tydfil, Dundee and Carlisle were among the towns with the lowest level of broadband usage.

Rural areas in Northern Ireland and Scotland have the lowest take-up in general.

Swindon - 51%
Wokingham - 49.3%
Wycombe - 48.7%
Milton Keynes - 48.5%
Watford - 48.4%
Source: Point Topic

Point Topic found that broadband penetration was much higher in areas where the NTL cable network was competing with services offered over BT's fixed-line network.

Young families with children were also more likely to have a broadband connection, it found.

Point Topic's figures are estimates, based on consumer surveys and a raft of other broadband statistics and demographic information.

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