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Motor Show firms play green card
Chevrolet Matiz covered in flowers
Carmakers have turned their attention to the environment
The latest fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly cars have gone on show at the London Motor Show.

Two all-electric models are on display, while big names including Land Rover, Ford and Citroen are showing off fuel-efficient, low-polluting vehicles.

The public can also see new labels designed to show how green a car is.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said the moves were part of the industry's bid to "improve its green credentials".

Green theme

The zero emissions smart EV (electric vehicle) and the Mega City NICE, which stands for No Internal Combustion Engine, are two vehicles being launched at the event.

Other advances in electric, hybrid and bio-fuel technologies will go on display, as well as an environmentally-friendly colour-coded labelling system for vehicles which works in a similar way to labels on electrical goods such as fridges.

The industry's keenness to enhance its environmental credentials was underlined ahead of the show by carmaker Ford.

On Monday, the group said it would be investing 1bn in its UK business in order to develop more green technologies.

But the London show will not just be about showing off the latest developments and designs.


A protest by workers set to lose their jobs at Peugeot's Coventry plant is targeting the event.

Peugeot workers protest outside the London Motor Show
Peugeot workers will be highlighting their plight

Members of the Transport & General Workers Union will hold a week long demonstration outside the exhibition at ExCel in London's Docklands where Peugeot is showcasing its products.

The move is part of a campaign to persuade the French carmaker to keep the Coventry site open, thereby safeguarding 2,300 jobs.

As well as the protest, the two unions are also funding a 1m advertising campaign to persuade buyers to boycott Peugeot - a move criticised by CBI chief Richard Lambert as "stone-age".

Up to half a million visitors are expected at the show - which opens to the public on Thursday.

At least 60 different brands are on display at the event which includes a record 13 model premiers including the BMW M6 Convertible, Land Rover Freelander and the Vauxhall Corsa.

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