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Nike and Apple join up for runs
Nike running shoes and Apple Nano
Nike has tried linking up with an electronics firms before
Sporting goods firm Nike and computer company Apple, two of the world's best-known brands, have decided to join forces and make equipment for runners.

The firms will release a system that links Nike running shoes to Apple's iPod nano digital music players.

As well as listening to music, users would be able to see how far and how fast they have run, and the amount of calories they have burnt.

Analysts questioned whether it would appeal to Nike's core youth market.

"Is it going to move the needle in terms of them selling more footwear? Probably not," said John Shanley, an analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group.

Nike also launched a range of clothing designed specifically for iPods.

Comfortable fit?

An earlier attempt by Nike to link up with an electronics producer - Philips of the Netherlands - was not a success.

Apple came to Nike after it separated from Philips, the sports firm's chief executive Mark Parker said.

The idea sounds like a good one but only if it is made affordable for the masses
Marc Newport

Nike and Apple said they were a better fit.

"We know that these two brands work really well together," said Trevor Edwards, Nike's vice president of global brand management.

"We share the same types of consumers," he explained.

Nike's Air+ Zoom Moire shoe will be the first to incorporate the Nike+iPod Sports Kit.

The kit, which is expected to sell for about $29 (15) and is due for release in the next two months, will include a small transmitter that fits inside the running shoe and a receiver that will attach to the iPod.

Users could then either view information on the iPod's screen or have it delivered audibly through their headphones.

Once the run was finished, the data could be uploaded to an online diary at www.nikeplus.com.

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