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Last Updated: Thursday, 27 April 2006, 11:41 GMT 12:41 UK
UK fuel prices reach new record
Petrol price
Petrol prices have risen sharply over the past month

The average prices of both unleaded petrol and diesel have reached its highest level yet, according to the AA Motoring Trust.

The average petrol price reached 96.13p per litre on Thursday, while diesel stood at 98.81p per litre, the AA said.

Also, higher petrol costs have wiped out cost benefits from improved engine technology and lower new car prices.

The average family would be paying an extra 17.74 per month compared with the beginning of the year, the AA said.

"A new petrol price record doesn't mean the end of the world for UK drivers, but they will have to start adopting more fuel-saving driving techniques to get more miles out of their tanks," said Ruth Bridger, the AA trust's petrol price analyst.

"With a bit of thought and a lighter foot on the accelerator, a 10% reduction is achievable."

Prices to stay 'strong'

On Tuesday, the boss of Britain's biggest oil company said high oil prices could push petrol prices even higher.

BP chief executive Lord Browne said soaring crude oil prices "may well create petrol prices above a pound a litre".

Oil prices have remained buoyant in recent months due to a combination of strong demand, worries over disruption to supplies from Nigeria and concerns over Iran's nuclear programme.

The price of US light, sweet crude oil - a benchmark for global oil markets - hit a record high of more than $75 a barrel last week, and Brent crude, the European benchmark, touched $74 before falling back slightly.

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