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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 April 2006, 13:48 GMT 14:48 UK
Disney Hong Kong knocked over pay
Visitor at the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland with Mickey Mouse
Disney hopes the park will attract the families of China's growing rich
A union at Disney's Hong Kong theme park has accused the company of unfair pay and working practices.

Staff at Hong Kong Disneyland are said to be unhappy that workers who dress up as Mickey Mouse and other characters are not all paid the same amount.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Cast Members Union said it was unfair that those taking part in stage shows are paid up to 22% more than others in costume.

Disney was not immediately available for comment.

Soup protest

"Although character performers in the parade section and meet-and-greet... have similar roles and qualifications as those of the show cast, their salaries differ unreasonably," said the union.

It also accused Hong Kong Disneyland of making staff work more than the 45 hours per week outlined in their job descriptions, and forcing them to multitask in other parts of the park.

The union further alleges that the facility has been hiring staff on short-term contracts to avoid paying healthcare and other benefits.

The allegations are just the latest controversy to befall the theme park, which opened last September and is co-owned by the Hong Kong government.

In February hundreds of customers found themselves locked out of the facility due to confusion over a new ticketing system, and last year it was forced to withdraw shark fin soup from a planned banquet after complaints from animal rights groups.

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