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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 March 2006, 11:56 GMT 12:56 UK
US vineyard launches wine for men
Man drinking red wine
Red wine puts hairs on your chest, gentlemen
A Californian vineyard is launching a range of red wines specially targeted at male drinkers.

Hoping to attract more American men away from their icy Budweisers and Millers, Ray's Station is dubbing the bottles "Hearty Red Wines for Men".

Producing both a merlot and a cabernet sauvignon, it said the type of person it wished to woo was your average Joe barbecue fan or Nascar racing watcher.

The labels on both wines feature a galloping stallion.

And their advertisements include manly pursuits such as fishing and hunting.

No white wines

Brian Hilliard, head of marketing for Ray's Station, said the company knew exactly who it was targeting.

Nascar winner
As manly as a glass of red wine

"These guys, they're married; they've got a couple of kids," he said.

"Wine is part of their lives, but it's not integrated in a way that they really force themselves to be knowledgeable."

The firm adds that it is not going to produce any white wines, as they are for the ladies.

"White wines ain't cutting it," added Mr Hilliard.

Ray's Station is also not producing any red wines made from the pinot noir grape, which is both celebrated and mocked in equal measure for being light and delicate.

Getting noticed

Robert Smiley, management professor and wine expert at the University of California, said he welcomed the idea of wines specifically targeted at men.

"You face this challenge: how do you even get people to know you're alive?" he said.

Mr Smiley added that with drinkers having to choose from hundreds of different wine brands, it was "not a bad strategy" for a vineyard to try gender specific branding in order to stand out.

Ray's Station's wines for men comes after another US winemaker - Rainier Wine - last year launched a wine aimed at women, under the name Mad Housewife.

While the US appears to be leading the way on gender specific wines, other wine-producing nations have turned to silly names to attract new drinkers.

France has a white wine called Fat Bastard Chardonnay and South Africa produces a red wine called Goats do Roam, a play on words with the famous French wine Cotes du Rhone.

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