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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 March 2006, 10:51 GMT
Danish factory beer ban spreads
Drinkers make a toast
The Danish art of toasting at work is dying out
Danish manufacturing workers are up in arms over an attack on their workplace drinking habits.

Currently, only 13% of canteens in manufacturing companies serve beer for lunch, down from about 75% three years ago, according to Danske Idag.

Efforts by employers to restrict drinking has met with considerable resistance in some quarters.

Last year, Harboe Brewery workers went on strike for two days after being told to stop drinking beer while working.

The strike went ahead even though their quota of six bottles of beer per day would have remained unchanged.

The order merely said they would have to go for a break to enjoy their beer.

Health concerns and demands for greater efficiency have led many employers to restrict supplies and encourage workers to cut back on their drinking.

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