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Last Updated: Friday, 17 February 2006, 06:43 GMT
US to 'push China hard on piracy'
Carlos Gutierrez
Mr Gutierrez has indicated the US will take a hard line with China
The US intends to push China "aggressively" to clamp down more firmly on piracy and open more of its domestic markets to foreign firms.

That was the pledge of US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, as the two countries continue to negotiate the agenda for trade talks in April.

Mr Gutierrez said China had "to play by the rules" if it wished to become a "respected" global trader.

China's rapid economic growth and surge in exports has antagonised the US.

Washington has long accused Beijing of both failing to enforce intellectual property rights and upholding a policy of protectionism to give Chinese firms an unfair advantage.

The US had a record $202bn (116bn) trade gap with China in 2005.


"China has to do more," Mr Gutierrez said.

"If China ever aspires to be a legitimate, respected worldwide player and a key component of the world community, they have to play by the rules.

"We are [going to be] aggressive. That's our attitude and we are focused on achieving our results."

At the start of the week US Trade Representative Rob Portman said the US had set up a task force to ensure China complies with global trade requirements.

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