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Last Updated: Friday, 22 July 2005, 09:07 GMT 10:07 UK
Coca-Cola still world's top brand
Coca-Cola billboard in India
The red and white of a Coke can is recognisable across the world
Coca-Cola has been named the world's top brand for a fourth consecutive year in a survey by consultancy Interbrand.

It estimated that Coca-Cola's brand was worth $67.5bn (39bn; 55bn euros). US firms dominated the top 10 and made up more than half of those listed.

The biggest non-US company was Finnish mobile phone group Nokia at number six, valued at $26.5bn.

Only five UK names made it into the top 100, with banking group HSBC ranked the highest at 29 and worth $10.1bn.

Coca-Cola - $67.5bn (US)
Microsoft - $59.9bn (US)
IBM - $53.4bn (US)
General Electric - $50bn (US)
Intel - $35.6bn (US)
Nokia - $26.5bn (Finland)
Disney - $26.4bn (US)
McDonald's - $26bn (US)
Toyota - $24.8bn (Japan)
Marlboro - $21.1bn (US)
Source: Interbrand

The other UK firms to make a showing were news and information company Reuters at 74, oil giant BP at 75, Diageo-owned vodka label Smirnoff at 88, and petroleum firm Shell at 90.

All five of the UK brands managed to boost their value - HSBC increased the most with a 20% gain.

Strict criteria

Interbrand's survey showed that little has changed in the top five since 2001.

Qualifying for the list is tough, with US supermarket giant Wal-Mart, payment card group Visa and confectionery firm Mars all missing out on a place.

That was because they failed to qualify in at least one of the following criteria:

  • The brand value must be worth at least $2.1 billion.
  • It must derive at least a third of its income outside of its domestic market.
  • Its marketing and financial data must be publicly available.

Despite the status quo at the top of the tree, interesting global developments could be seen lower down the rankings

Evidence of Asia's increasing power as a carmaker saw Japan's Toyota increase its brand value by 10% to $24.8bn.

US rival Ford only managed to feature at 22 in the list, slipping two places from last year - in 2001 it was placed at number eight.

Elsewhere, several new companies managed to push into the top 100, including delivery group UPS, internet search engine Google, drugs firm Novartis, Spanish fashion chain Zara, vehicle maker Hyundai, luxury goods company Bulgari and electronics group LG.

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