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Last Updated: Saturday, 4 February 2006, 00:24 GMT
First-time buyers 'may overpay'
Buyers looking for home in estate agent's window
More than one in five first-time buyers are willing to offer above the asking price to get a foot on the property ladder, a survey has suggested.

A year ago, fewer than one in ten said they would pay a premium on the asking price, Yorkshire Bank said.

In addition, 55% of those surveyed expect prices to increase during 2006, compared to 46% in January 2005.

Research company BMRB questioned 2,000 people during December for the Yorkshire Bank survey.

Of late some housing market surveys have shown property prices on the rise after a period of relative stagnation.

"Buyers are starting 2006 in a more positive mood than last year, when there seemed to be a lot more uncertainty regarding where the housing market was going," Gary Lumby, a Yorkshire Bank spokesman, said.

On Tuesday, Nationwide building society said the UK housing market made a "strong start" in 2006, with prices rising 1.4% in January.

A home buyer talks about getting on the property ladder

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