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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 January 2006, 13:04 GMT
Mobiles get emerging markets lift
Man in India on mobile phone
Emerging markets are now crucial for growth
Global mobile phone shipments grew by 19% last year, helped by strong demand from emerging markets such as India and Africa, according to a study.

A record 810 million units were shipped with emerging markets accounting for half of total global sales, research firm Strategy Analytics said.

The firm predicted one billion units would be sold in 2007 if the rate of sales in emerging markets continued.

"2005 was the year of the emerging market," the company said.

The research also found that Motorola had achieved an 18% market share in the final quarter of 2005.

However, Strategy Analytics noted that a third of Motorola's total handset sales came from the Razr V3 model, and it warned that the company was "at risk of becoming a 'one trick pony'".

Also, at 18%, the combined global share of Korea's Samsung, at 11%, and LG, at 7%, during the period fell to its lowest point in two years.

The report also said that 2005 saw Sony Ericsson sales top 50 million units a year.

'Iconic' figure

Despite some component shortages, Strategy Analytics said shipments in the final three months of the year hit 245 million units.

Chris Ambrosio, director of the wireless device strategies at the consultancy service, said: "Concerns about moderate component shortages at Nokia, Motorola, BenQ-Siemens and others, failed to significantly impact total demand during the final quarter of 2005.

"Looking ahead to 2006, we expect 930 million mobile phones to be shipped worldwide."

"The iconic one billion total will be surpassed in 2007 if emerging first-time buyers continue to surge and replacement rates in mature markets, such as North America, can be sustained."

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