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Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 January 2006, 12:05 GMT
Sony halts Japan's Walkman output
The Walkman has come a long way since it was first sold in 1979
Japanese electronics firm Sony will stop domestic production of its Walkman products and shift manufacturing abroad as it looks to revive its business.

Sony said it will halt production at its plant in Saitama, bringing to a close an era that started in 1979.

Even though Sony led the way with its iconic personal stereos, it has fallen behind rivals, as firms like Apple focused on producing digital players.

Walkman models will now be made at plants in China and Malaysia.

Sony announced a restructuring plan in September of last year that included the loss of 10,000 jobs worldwide and the closure of 11 out of 65 plants.

The company currently offers five different types of music player carrying the Walkman name. These include cassette, CD and mini-disc players, as well as those with hard disk computer drives and flash memory cards.

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