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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 January 2006, 18:28 GMT
MPs to probe government on Rover
Rover logo behind broken glass
The Rover dream ended in April last year
A committee of MPs has launched an inquiry into the role the government played in the failed attempts to prevent the collapse of MG Rover.

The Trade and Industry Select Committee said it would explore whether the government did too much or too little to try and save the failed carmaker.

It will focus on the roles played by former Trade & Industry Secretaries, Stephen Byers and Patricia Hewitt.

Rover collapsed in April last year, with the loss of more than 5,000 jobs.

In-depth probes

The business was eventually bought from the administrators by Chinese carmaker Nanjing Automotive, but the prospect of Rover's Longbridge plant in Birmingham reopening still looks remote.

In a written statement, the select committee said it would explore the attempts by Ms Hewitt to support MG Rover during its negotiations with fellow Chinese carmaker Shanghai Automotive in early 2005.

Regarding Mr Byers, it will look at his role during MG Rover's 2000 disposal by former owner BMW.

The select committee will also study the effectiveness to date of the recovery package and taskforce for the former Rover workforce and the West Midlands in general.

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