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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005, 12:08 GMT
Cinema bans Virgin Mobile paper
Christmas shopper with wrapped presents
Famous Players said the promotion "wasn't suitable for children"
A Canadian cinema chain has withdrawn a Virgin Mobile Christmas wrapping paper promotion which had caused offence amongst parents.

Cinema chain Famous Players withdrew the paper which depicted a male and female angel fondling each other.

The company took the decision after parents complained that the paper had been handed out to children.

The paper was part of a promotion by Virgin Mobile to advertise their new Hot Box mobile phone.


A spokesman for the Famous Players chain said: "It would have been great for the right age group, but clearly it wasn't suitable for children."

One parent, Alan Dean, said his daughter had received the wrapping paper as she came out of the cinema having seen the latest Harry Potter film.

He told the Ottawa Citizen newspaper: "I think it was done in bad taste. I mean, angels groping each other at Christmas time? It's not exactly good fodder for the holiday season."

Virgin Mobile Canada was unavailable for comment.

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