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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 December 2005, 22:35 GMT
Coke to launch new advert slogan
Coca-Cola with lemon
Coke with lemon is being withdrawn in the US
Drinks giant Coca-Cola is to introduce a new marketing campaign based around the slogan "the Coke side of Life".

The adverts will start in North America to coincide with February's 2006 Winter Olympics, Coke said.

Coke has seen its share price halve over the last seven years as it has struggled to deal with the growing trend for healthier drinks.

Coke's head of marketing Mary Minnick said the aim was to make the firm's drinks more relevant to consumers.

"We believe there are times or a moment in the day when only a Coke will do, and that is the framework for our advertising," said Ms Minnick.

Improving profits

Coke is continuing efforts to turn itself around, thanks to improved sales and a wider portfolio of products.

In October it reported a 37% rise in third-quarter profits, following a 9% increase in the second-quarter.

It is also replacing a number of its flavoured colas to keep up with newer tastes.

Ms Minnick said Coke had been studying "the underlying psychology of beverages" to understand "why consumers are drinking what, when and where".

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