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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 November 2005, 15:17 GMT
Tetra Pak ditches problem cartons
An Italian inspector and unidentified man check out a carton of milk
Baby milk has been recalled from four European countries
Packaging firm Tetra Pak has said it will stop making milk and fruit juice cartons using the printing chemical ITX after it contaminated some products.

The firm, which makes the soft, square cartons, took out a full page advertisement in Italian newspapers to announce the decision.

It came after ITX was found in several different kinds of baby milk.

Tetra Pak insisted that despite the move, all the products packaged in its cartons were safe to drink.

Baby milk recall

ITX, or isopropylthioxanthone, is a chemical used in the printing process for packaging.

A BBC correspondent in Rome said Tetra Pak was stopping all manufacturing in Europe of packaging for milk and fruit juices where there had been evidence of ITX getting into the contents.

Earlier this month, Swiss-based food giant Nestle ordered the recall of baby milk from France, Spain, Portugal and Italy after tests suggested there may have been ITX contamination.

The move came after Italy's forestry police - which is responsible for agriculture - seized 2 million litres of milk for infants on 9 November.

On Tuesday, an Italian consumer group said it had found ITX in other products including fruit juices.

Tetra Pak said the chemical would be completely removed from its carton range by the end of January.


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