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Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 November 2005, 06:47 GMT
Airbus boss talks down Boeing jet
Boeing 747
The Boeing 747 has been flying for more than 30 years
The boss of Airbus parent firm EADS has insisted that Boeing's lengthened version of the 747 jumbo will not hit sales of the twin-deck Airbus A380.

Speaking at the Dubai Air Show, EADS co-chief executive Noel Forgeard said unlike the A380, Boeing's planned 747-8 was more designed for the cargo market.

The new 747-8 will be Boeing's largest ever jetliner, with 450 seats compared to the present model's 416.

Airbus' A380, due to go into service next year, can seat up to 800.

"The 747-8 is more designed for the cargo market and therefore we do not anticipate that it will impact sales of the A380," said Mr Forgeard.

Delayed deliveries

Boeing has $5bn (2.8bn) in orders for freight versions of the 747-8, but has yet to agree any passenger jet deals.

The Airbus A380 on its maiden flight in April
The Airbus A380 is due to go into service next year

It says delivery dates will depend on the needs of individual customers.

Airbus has secured 159 orders for the A380 but production is running about four months behind schedule.

The delays mean the first A380 will not be delivered until late 2006, forcing Airbus to compensate airlines which have ordered the aircraft.

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