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Last Updated: Friday, 15 April 2005, 12:00 GMT 13:00 UK
'Phoenix' from Longbridge ashes?
By Brian Milligan
BBC News business reporter

Longbridge site
Redevelopment could bring hope for redundant Rover workers
As thousands of car workers face redundancy, the company which owns most of Rover's Longbridge site has hopes of creating 10,000 new jobs.

It's little cheer for a company on the edge of extinction, but if the worst should happen, MG Rover workers may yet benefit from the site itself.

On and around the car plant there are 450 acres of prime development land.

St Modwen, which bought the land from Rover, specialises in the regeneration of former industrial sites.

If you want to imagine what they might do here you can already look at what they've achieved elsewhere in the country.

The company can point to an earlier success at a former colliery site in Staffordshire.

Future jobs

Fourteen hundred miners lost their jobs 12 years ago but new businesses there now employ many more people than that.

We will certainly create more jobs that there are at the moment
Anthony Glossop, St Modwen

It is possibly a blueprint for the future of Longbridge.

"We're very confident that we will be successful in creating jobs there," said St Modwen's chief executive Anthony Glossop.

"We will certainly create more jobs than there are at the moment - which is 6,500 - and you can well envisage a figure of 10,000 or more within five to 10 years."

Though some of those jobs at Longbridge would be with companies relocating, the developers expect half of them to be newly-created.

They also claim there's a good chance that many will be well-paid and highly skilled.

So after 99 years of car production, this site may have to face up to a future as a business park.

A huge loss of pride, but eventually not so bad for jobs.

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