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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2005, 17:10 GMT
UK staff top job insecurity table
Road sweeper in central London
UK staff are most concerned about losing their job
Workers in the UK have the lowest sense of job security out of employees in 18 of the world's leading economies, a bi-annual survey has found.

Some 24.2% of British workers think it is very probable or somewhat probable that they will lose their job over the next 12 months.

They are closely followed by 24% of Canadian staff and 23.8% of Americans, Right Management Consultants found.

German workers are the least confident overall, while Japan's are the most.

Happy Norwegians

Employees in Germany are also most concerned about their ability to find replacement work if they are made redundant, with 95.5% believing it would be very or somewhat tough to secure a replacement job.

1. Japan - 68.6%
2. S Korea - 67%
3. Norway - 63.6%
4. Denmark - 62.9%
5. Spain - 61.4%
6. Ireland - 60%
7. Sweden - 58.2%
8. Australia - 54.9%
9. Italy - 53.1%
10. Hong Kong - 52.5%
11. Canada - 51.7%
12. Netherlands - 51%
13. UK - 50.3%
14. France - 49.3%
15. Belgium - 48.2%
16. USA - 47.3%
17. Switzerland - 44.1%
18. Germany - 43.4%
Source: Right Management Consultants
Criteria include job security and ability to find replacement work

They were followed by staff in France, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, and the US.

In the UK 71% of workers think they would struggle to find alternative work if they lost their job.

Norwegian staff are the most confident in Europe, with only 3.1% saying it was very or somewhat possible they would lose their jobs in the next 12 months.

Jo Bond, managing director of Right Management Consultants' UK subsidiary RightCoutts, said British workers should not feel too downbeat.

"While the situation might look gloomy at first glance, UK workers need to remember that our economy is actually in a much stronger position than many of our global peers," she said.

The Right Management Consultants survey questioned 1,000 US workers and between 300 and 600 staff from each of the other 17 countries featured in the study.

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