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Schwarzenegger seeks China trade
Mr Schwarzenegger has been warmly welcomed in China
Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to focus on tackling music and film piracy on a six-day trip to China designed to boost trade between China and California.

The California governor is leading a delegation of state business leaders to China, where he will discuss action to combat piracy among other issues.

California, the world's sixth largest economy, loses millions of dollars every year through copyright piracy.

The state exported $6.8bn (3.8bn) worth of goods to China last year.

Chinese gateway

California is the gateway to US trade with China and is seen as having a key role to play in addressing the US's lopsided trade flow with the country.

The US trade deficit with China rose to $162bn last year.

Mr Schwarzenegger will be accompanied on the trip by executives from Pfizer, Universal Studios, Qualcomm, Walt Disney and Chevron Global Gas among others, all eager to deepen trade ties with China.

Increasing California exports and bringing Chinese investment into California translates into more jobs for Californians
Arnold Schwarzenegger, California governor

The focus of the trip will be on efforts to harden the Chinese government's stance on entertainment piracy.

Some experts claim that as many as 90% of software programs and movie DVDs sold in China are being traded illegally.

The Movie Picture Association of America believes global movie piracy costs the entertainment industry $3bn a year.

Mr Schwarzenegger will launch an anti-piracy TV campaign in Hong Kong alongside actor Jackie Chan.

Learning exercise

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor, on a Chinese poster
The film star sees dealing with the Chinese as a win-win situation

Mr Schwarzenegger - whose Terminator movies have made him a huge star in China - will also hold talks on energy conservation, sustainable development, agriculture and shipping.

"California's strength as an innovator and world leader in science, technology and solutions related to the environment and alternative energy make it a natural partner with China," Mr Schwarzenegger said.

"Equally important is the fact that increasing California exports and bringing Chinese investment into California translates into more jobs for Californians."

The trip is Mr Schwarzenegger's first to China as governor. He has previously made official visits to Israel, Japan, Germany and Mexico.


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