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Last Updated: Friday, 11 November 2005, 17:35 GMT
Price rises for Npower customers
Gas meter
Bills will rise again for six million more
The energy company Npower has become the latest big supplier to put up its prices for domestic customers.

From next January six million households will have to pay up to 14% more for their electricity and nearly 15% more for their gas.

The increases are the latest from major energy suppliers, who have all blamed the rising wholesale cost of gas.

Recent increases have come from British Gas, Scottish Power, Powergen, EDF Energy and Scottish & Southern.

Scottish & Southern, effective January 2006. Gas up 13.6%, electricity up between 8.9 and 12%
Scottish Power, effective October 2005. Gas up 12%, electricity up 6-8%
British Gas, effective September 2005. Gas & electricity up 14.2%
Powergen, effective August 2005. Gas up 11.9%, electricity up 7.2%
EDF Energy, effective August 2005. Gas up 12%, electricity up 10.7%

Npower estimates that its customers will see their gas bills rise by nearly 61 a year and electricity bills by 34 as a result of its decision.

"Npower last increased its prices in October 2004. This means that prices have gone up by 27% for gas and 20% for electricity in 15 months," said the price comparison service SimplySwitch.

Npower chief executive of retail David Threlfall defended his company's pricing policy.

"In contrast (to other suppliers), all Npower customers have had their prices frozen since October 2004 and they will not see any increase until the New Year," he said.

" We estimate this has saved a typical customer about 40."

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