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Taking jealousy out of the office
The Hulk
Are some of your workmates green with envy?
Being promoted to a management role at work is a cause for celebration for most people.

Yet in addition to the extra money and responsibility, some of your former colleagues on the shop floor could in fact be a little resentful or even hostile to your new status.

Here Professor Nigel Nicholson of London Business School looks at how someone newly promoted to management

can best prevent any potentially corrosive work politics.

Steve Weekes, Northern Ireland
I've recently moved from a support role into a management role within a company I've been with for four years. A few of my former colleagues seem to be having difficulty in understanding that our professional relationships have had to change. Do you have any advice for someone in my situation?

Professor Nigel Nicholson, London Business School
Maybe you are having difficulty in coming to terms with your new role too.

I think the best approach is to a) communicate, and b) change your actions.

You need to be up front and state the situation as "your problem" that you "want their help with".

Tell them that you understand how your professional relationship has had to change and you'd appreciate their help in getting used to it, and you have in mind some ways of changing how you spend your time (or whatever else you think is entailed).

Ask them what they'd like you do in your new role - that way you can be clear about what is really in their minds, and what is your projection.

Second, you need visibly to change your routines. Keep talking to them, but schedule your meetings with them more consciously.

Take these as opportunities to tell them what is going on in the new groups you are a part of - to gain their confidence in you as a conduit for management information.

By all means socialise, but limit this and make it teambuilding rather than buddying.

Best of luck. Remember, management is the most difficult and important role in business.

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