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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 February, 2005, 22:38 GMT
Ask Jeeves tips online ad revival
Ask Jeeves
The company is no longer a major online force
Ask Jeeves has become the third leading online search firm this week to thank a revival in internet advertising for improving fortunes.

The firm's revenue nearly tripled in the fourth quarter of 2004, exceeding $86m (46m).

Ask Jeeves, once among the best-known names on the web, is now a relatively modest player.

Its $17m profit for the quarter was dwarfed by the $204m announced by rival Google earlier in the week.

During the same quarter, Yahoo earned $187m, again tipping a resurgence in online advertising.

New year, new optimism

The trend has taken hold relatively quickly.

Late last year, marketing company Doubleclick, one of the leading providers of online advertising, warned that some or all of its business would have to be put up for sale.

But on Thursday, it announced that a sharp turnaround had brought about an unexpected increase in profits.

Neither Ask Jeeves nor Doubleclick thrilled investors with their profit news, however. In both cases, their shares fell by some 4%.

Analysts attributed the falls to excessive expectations in some quarters, fuelled by the dramatic outperformance of Google on Tuesday.

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