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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 September 2005, 21:27 GMT 22:27 UK
UK petrol prices head even higher
Facts and figures behind UK petrol price rises

UK petrol and diesel prices are still rising in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, with the average cost of petrol now at 95.1 pence a litre.

The average cost of a litre of unleaded petrol has edged higher since Monday when it stood at 94.6p, according to figures from industry body Catalist.

Average diesel prices also tracked a nervous oil market, inching ahead to 97.6p, from 97.3p on Monday.

And super-unleaded fuel topped the 1 barrier for the first time at 100.36p.

Back on tap

Prices are on the up despite a fall in oil prices below the $66 a barrel mark.

US light crude fell $1.59 to $64.37 a barrel on Wednesday, after a $1.61 drop on Tuesday, while London Brent crude shed $1.78 to $62.89 a barrel.

Prices have now fallen more than $5.00, or 7%, from the record-high of $70.85 reached last Tuesday after the full impact of Hurricane Katrina came to light.

They are now skirting around levels seen before the storm ravaged the Gulf of Mexico.

Nine refineries knocked out by Katrina have resumed normal operations, with two others on schedule to restart operations later this week.

Originally, Katrina knocked out about 10% of the US's refining capacity.

Meanwhile, analysts predict no major drop in oil prices in the near future given that fact that another unnamed tropical storm is threatening eastern Florida.

This has made oil traders only too aware that the Gulf of Mexico hurricane season is not over yet - it lasts until the end of November.

Refineries restarting
The status of US oil refineries shut by Hurricane Katrina
(all in Louisiana except where marked)
Owner Location Capacity (bpd) Status
Motiva Convent 235,000 Restarted
Motiva Norco 227,000 Flare lit - Midweek restart
Marathon Garyville 245,000 Restart begun on Monday
Valero Norco 185,000 Power restored - midweek restart
Murphy Oil Meraux 125,000 Relit but crude leak
Chalmette Refining Chalmette 190,000 Assessing damage
ConocoPhillips Belle Chasse 247,000 Assessing damage
Chevron Pascagoula, MS 325,000 Assessing damage

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