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Last Updated: Monday, 31 January 2005, 09:56 GMT
Work illness hits half UK staff
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Two out of 10 staff say they are often overworked
More than half of people believe they suffer ill health due to work, a study has found.

Symptoms reported included severe tiredness, headaches, depression and even panic attacks.

In addition, nearly two out of 10 said their workload was often too much for them to cope.

Nevertheless, the report from the Work Life Balance Centre found that half of people felt fulfilled by their work and enjoyed being busy.

Attitude split

The group quizzed 1,200 people about their work habits and attitudes.

According to Julie Hurst, director of Work Life Balance Centre the findings indicate a split attitude amongst workers to their jobs.

"On the one hand people feel very positively towards work, enjoying the challenges and sense of fulfilment it provides," Julie Hurst, director of the Work Life Balance Centre, said.

"On the other hand there are high levels of work related illness, resentment of long hours, feelings of being out of control and signs that workloads are continuing to increase."

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