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Last Updated: Monday, 31 January, 2005, 07:14 GMT
Website lifts lid on house prices
Woman looking into estate agent's window
The service could help home buyers to better gauge prices
People will be able to find out how much their neighbours have paid for their homes through the Land Registry's new online service.

For a 2 fee they will be able to check out who owns a particular property and how much was paid for it.

In addition, the website will allow people to see a property's boundaries and any restrictions put on its use.

The Land Registry said their service could make the home buying process quicker and more transparent.

Speedier sales

In the past, people wanting to access information held by Land Registry have had to put in a written request or drop into one of the organisation's offices.

"People looking to buy a home will be able to use the information to gauge the true worth of a property," Liz Aelberry, a Land Registry spokeswoman, told BBC News.

"The service could speed up the sales and even help stop some buyers paying over the odds,"

Ms Aelberry added that the online service has been trialled since 2003 and had on average attracted 1,500 searches a day, earning more than 1m in fees.

The online service will be officially launched on Monday and can be accessed by going to www.landregisteronline.gov.uk.

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