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Last Updated: Sunday, 23 January, 2005, 16:11 GMT
Late pay day for Barclays staff
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Barclays called the problem a one off and said it would help workers
"The cheque is in the post" and "the bank was shut" are just some of the excuses trotted out for late payments.

UK finance group Barclays cited human error on Sunday as the reason why workers will not get their salaries on time.

The wrong date was entered into the bank's computer system and as a result Barclays said that as many as 62,000 UK staff will be paid one day late.

Another 40,000 former employees also will not get their cash on time.

Helping hand

Workers at Barclays, Barclaycard, and mortgage lender Woolwich are among those that will be affected.

It's a one-off error; we have been in touch with staff
George Hulbert, Barclays spokesman
They will get their money on Tuesday, rather than Monday, spokesman George Hulbert explained to BBC News.

Those at Barclay Capital, and Barclay Global Investors will get paid as expected on Monday.

"It's a one-off human error; we have been in touch with staff," Mr Hulbert said, adding that the lender also has set up a helpline for workers worried about their wages.

The bank also has promised to reimburse staff any costs arising from the error.

Barclays said the problem had not affected services offered to clients.

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