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Quiz: Life at work
BBC office during World War II

The world of work is among the most intensively studied areas of human endeavour. It is also unusually prone to myth and misconception.

Can you sort the properly professional from the awfully amateur?

Question 1
The average British adult spends 508 minutes per day asleep. How long is spent working?
A: 134 minutes
B: 169 minutes
C: 208 minutes
D: 312 minutes
Question 2
What proportion of the British walk to work?
A: 4%
B: 10%
C: 16%
D: 26%
Question 3
In a recent survey, what proportion of people agreed that their most important relationships were in the workplace?
A: 6%
B: 18%
C: 30%
D: 42%
Question 4
At any one time, how many British workers are actively looking for a new job?
A: 5%
B: 14%
C: 22%
D: 33%
Question 5
How long is the average British lunch break?
A: 21 minutes
B: 39 minutes
C: 53 minutes
D: 71 minutes
Question 6
Which of these is not among the 10 worst-paid jobs in Britain?
A: Coalminer
B: Farmer
C: Bartender
D: Newsagent
Question 7
Only one of these countries has less-productive workers than the British. Which?
A: Germany
B: France
D: Japan
Question 8
What proportion of CVs contain at least one lie or inaccuracy?
A: 20%
B: 48%
C: 65%
D: 86%
Question 9
Which of these jobs does not figure among the US Labor Department's top 10 fastest-growing professions?
A: Newsreader
B: Nurse
C: Fitness instructor
D: Systems analyst
Question 10
What proportion of British men have viewed online pornography at work?
A: 3%
B: 14%
C: 22%
D: 25%

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