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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 17:19 GMT
Mobile phone sales still booming
Man using Samsung phone
New handsets and lower prices helped boost worldwide sales
New handsets helped Samsung overtake Motorola as the world's second most popular mobile phone brand between July and September, research has found.

The market share of the world's biggest handset maker, Nokia, also recovered to 30.9% from 29.7% in the second quarter.

Nokia still sells more than double the amount of rivals, but its market share remains below levels of a year ago.

Gartner found worldwide handset sales rose 26% to 167 million in the quarter - with all companies seeing increases.

South Korea's Samsung had a 13.8% share of the market in the third quarter, compared with 11.2% last year.

Motorola's share slipped to 13.4% from 14.7% but Gartner said the US firm should benefit from new product launches in the run up to Christmas.

New markets

Samsung saw its market share rise as it released new fold-away camera phones with data features, as well as cheaper models in new markets, including China.

World mobile phone share 3Q 2004
Nokia: 30.9%
Samsung: 13.8%
Motorola: 13.4%
Siemens: 7.6%
LG: 6.7%
Sony Ericsson: 6.4%
Others: 21.2%
Source: Gartner

Gartner said Nokia regained ground after two consecutive quarters of declining sales.

The firm launched its first mass-market clamshell handsets in the period.

"New handset models and decreasing prices fuelled replacement sales in mature markets such as Western Europe and North America," said Carolina Milanesi from Gartner.

"In Asia, Central Europe and the Middle East, emerging markets continued to add new subscribers."

The only area to see a sales drop in the quarter, compared with 2003, was Japan.

Consumers there generally get to see new technology before the rest of the world.

New camera phones had driven sales in Japan last year, Gartner said.

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