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Last Updated: Friday, 18 June, 2004, 00:11 GMT 01:11 UK
US hip-hop cigarette ads halted
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Something this cool can't be good for you
Tobacco company Brown & Williamson has been ordered to recall thousands of cigarette packets after an advertising campaign was found to target children.

Justice Charles Ramos ruled that the company, owned by British American Tobacco, was trying to attract young customers with its hip-hop based ads.

As well as the Kool cigarette recall, there were curbs put on merchandising and planned disc jockey competitions.

The company said that it would abide by the judges' ruling.

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Combative New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, the man who initiated court proceedings, called the ad campaign "a shameless attempt to market Kool cigarettes to children and teenagers, particularly African-American youth".

"Hip-hop music is youth-driven," he continued. "By targeting this music genre and culture, through CDs, advertising and other promotions, Brown & Williamson clearly violates (legislation) for their own profit."

The company disagreed, stating that "the notion we were marketing to kids by holding an event in an adult-only venue is absurd.

"However, we understand the concerns expressed by the judge and, in some cases, by the attorney general."

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