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Last Updated: Friday, 30 April, 2004, 10:56 GMT 11:56 UK
Womens' pension woe in spotlight
A lady collecting her pension
Women have lower incomes than men in old age
The government has said that it is to publish a report next year into the pension problems facing UK women.

The commitment was made by Pensions Minister Malcolm Wicks during the committee stage of the Pensions Bill.

In general, women retire with smaller pensions than men as a result of lower pay and taking time-off work to bring up children or look after relatives.

Charities and Labour backbench MPs have been pressing for acute pensioner poverty amongst women to be tackled.


Women in England have to live on just over half the retirement income of their male counterparts, according to Recent research from the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G).

Age Concern England warned that the government's report would need to offer solutions rather than just outlining the pension problems facing women in old age.

"For this report to be worthwhile, it must come up with practical solutions that will be implemented and improve pensions prospects of today's and tomorrow's pensioners," Michelle Mitchell, a spokeswoman said.

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