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Last Updated: Monday, 29 March, 2004, 17:20 GMT 18:20 UK
Turbine power boost for Denmark
Wind farm
More wind farms for Denmark
Wind power in Denmark will be boosted by 400 megawatts after the government said it will invest 4.5 billion kroner, ($750 m) on two new turbine parks.

Denmark's Economics Ministry will offer them both for tender later this year.

The two planned sites are near the island of Omoe in central Denmark and Horns Rev, a reef on the north coast.

Horns Rev is already the world's largest offshore wind farm, and Denmark already receives 10% of its electricity from wind power.

Future wind energy

According to some estimates, by 2030 Danes will receive half of all their electricity in this way.

The country's programme of wind power development started in 1979, and Horns Rev opened in 2002 near Blaavandshuk, Denmark's westernmost point, some 340 kilometres from Copenhagen.

Wind power is one of the most advanced renewable energy technologies, and several governments recognise it officially in their energy policies.

However, it faces some strong objections; most notably complaints that wind farms are a blight on the landscape, and that they can interfere with air radar systems.

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