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For those about to rock
Andy Taylor - CEO Santuary Group
Andy made his start managing rockers Iron Maiden
Andy Taylor formed Sanctuary Group with Rod Smallwood in 1976.

The pair met up at Cambridge University, and the company originally called Smallwood-Taylor Enterprises, was originally founded to manage the then-unknown group Iron Maiden.

Since then the firm has expanded from music management to take in live events, record and DVD production, merchandising, publishing and touring, with Kelly Osbourne one of the latest artists to sign up.

What was your first car?

Like most people around that time the car I really wanted, the one with the most cachet for me, was the Jaguar. The reality, however, was a Triumph 1300 and I really can't remember how much it cost.

What was your first job?

My first job was a paper round when I was 14 which paid the grand sum of around 14 shillings a week.

But even then I was heading towards the entertainment business as I began to organise dances and balls - profitably of course.

What was your first house?

My first house was a small terraced house in Chiswick which I bought in 1977 for 33,000.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Having co-founded and then worked in the same company for 27 years, I have to say that my constant inspiration has been, and continues to be, the people I work with.

What's the best bit of business advice you've had?

The advice I once received and tend to follow in most situations is that there is always a solution to a problem; it is just whether the solution is acceptable

What's the biggest challenge facing business now?

The most important requirement for any business to flourish is confidence in the markets if you are a listed company and in the overall economy.

I think the biggest challenge we face is that there is a lack of long term confidence in both these areas.

What issue in the industry is grabbing your attention?

The merger between Sony and BMG - two of the so-called music "majors".

This fascinates us not because we see their increased size as a threat (they will be the second largest in the world) but because we see this as creating opportunities for a company like Sanctuary.

What was the proudest moment of your career?

My partner Rod Smallwood had discovered an amazing heavy metal band called Iron Maiden back in 1979 and much of our experience and knowledge has grown out of managing what became one of the best selling bands in the world (over 60 million albums).

My proudest moment was probably when Iron Maiden was the headline act at Donnington in 1988 as it represented a very significant moment in their career.

Sanctuary logo
The Sanctuary Group covers half of the world's entertainment market with offices in the UK, US and Germany, employing around 650 staff.

Worth around 155m, the independent music group develops music, audio-visual and entertainment intellectual property rights.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Sanctuary also has a strategic alliance with BMG covering worldwide distribution for recorded music and audio-visual product, as well as deals covering merchandising.


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