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Last Updated: Friday, 16 January, 2004, 23:21 GMT
KBR wins new Iraq contract
Oil worker in Iraq
Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) has won a new US army contract to help repair Iraq's dilapidated oil industry.

Parsons Iraqi Joint Venture and Worley Group also will share in the $2bn (1.1bn; 1.6bn euros) worth of work.

The appointment is likely to raise eyebrows as KBR has been accused of overcharging the US military for fuel.

The Pentagon is mulling whether to investigate KBR's owner, Halliburton, over the allegations. The company has denied any wrongdoing.

North-South divide

Halliburton, whose former chief executive was US Vice President Dick Cheney, had looked to be in the clear after an earlier inquiry.

Under the terms of the contracts, KBR will develop Iraq's southern oil fields, while Parsons and Worley will work together in the north of the country.

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