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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 December, 2003, 19:47 GMT
Mattel loses nude Barbie battle
Barbie doll head and arms
Just a plastic girl in a porno world?
A US artist who took photos of Barbie dolls in bizarre and often sexually provocative poses has won his legal battle with toy company Mattel.

Tom Forsythe was sued after publishing images of the children's toy which Mattel said could confuse consumers.

Judges in San Francisco, however, ruled that the blonde-haired doll was fair game and said any ban would infringe an individual's right to parody or satire.

Mattel first sued the artist in 1999 and then appealed the original ruling.

'Food Chain Barbie'

Mr Forsythe's images included one which showed the iconic doll wrapped in a tortilla, covered in sauce and placed in an oven.

Others showed the plastic poppet being skewered, shoved in a toaster or posing naked on kitchen appliances.

Mattel argued that the images infringed its copyrights and trademarks and that toy buyers may think the company were behind the images.

Mr Forsythe, on the other hand, said he was using the doll to highlight society's "materialistic and gender-oppressive values".

Giving their ruling, the judges said: "Mattel cannot use trademark laws to censor all parodies or satires which use its name."

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