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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 November, 2003, 08:45 GMT
'Gross' turkey tipple gobbled up
Jones Turkey and Gravy Soda
"Hints of sweet caramel and savoury lard" await the drinker
A soft drink flavoured with turkey and gravy, which even its creator admits is undrinkable, has become a surprise hit ahead of the US Thanksgiving holiday.

Seattle-based Jones Soda sold out of the drink within hours when it was offered on the company's website.

Now, 99-cent bottles are changing hands for more than $70 a pair on collectors' site eBay.

Jones boss Peter van Stolk, who is giving all proceeds to charity, has described the drink's taste as "gross".

A matter of taste

Mr van Stolk was intending only to distribute the drink to shops in the Seattle and Olympia areas in America's Pacific north-west.

Expecting it to be little more than a seasonal curiosity, Jones - which specialises in quirky drinks such as bubblegum soda - produced just 6,000 bottles in its initial run.

But these sold out straight away via Jones's website, and collectors have already bid up prices on auction sites such as eBay.

A two-bottle case is currently on offer for $71, while a four-bottle case can be bought now at the relative bargain price of $99.

The lucky auction winner, however, may be well advised to lay the drink down and avoid it.

"The liquid's ominous, murky brown colour accurately warns consumers about the taste sensation," the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

"With the first sip, hints of sweet caramel and savoury lard hit the palate, usually followed by facial expressions connoting confusion, disgust or anger."

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