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Russia's oligarchs: Where are they now?
In the 1990s a handful of Russian businessmen came to prominence as the Kremlin's financiers and media moguls.Their power peaked in an infamous loans-for shares deal which saw privatised assets handed out at knock-down prices in exchange for political support for then-President Boris Yeltsin.

Under Vladimir Putin their fortunes have varied - to say the least.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Age: 40
Business: Chief executive of Yukos, Russia's biggest oil company since its merger with rival Sibneft.
Worth: About $8bn, making him possibly Russia's richest man.
Pedigree: Left the Soviet Communist youth league to set up a banking business at the end of the Soviet era. Moved into oil and gas in 1995.
Hobbies: Funding liberal Russian opposition parties.
Where is he now?: Prison, Russia.

Roman Abramovich
Roman Abramovich

Business: Industrialist, oil magnate, football boss, governor of Chukotka region in Russia's far northeast.
Worth: Unknown, estimated to be $6bn-7bn.
Pedigree : College drop-out who got rich in oil trading in the early 1990s, dabbling also in airlines and aluminium.
Hobbies: Chelsea FC.
Where is he now?: West London.

Boris Berezovsky

Age: 57
Business: Media magnate, freelance anti-Putin dissident.
Worth: About $3bn.
Pedigree: Former Young Communist turned auto-industry magnate. Won influence in the 1990s by taking control of newspapers and television stations which were later confiscated by the Kremlin. Briefly deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council.
Hobbies: Avoiding extradition to Russia on fraud charges, spreading conspiracy theories.
Where is he now?: A refugee in London.

Vladimir Gusinsky
Vladimir Gusinsky during Spanish extradition battle

Age: 51
Business: Media magnate (retired).
Worth: Unknown.
Pedigree: Flamboyant theatre director who established banking business in the dying days of the USSR. Later financed newspapers and Russia's first independent television station which was eventually confiscated for opposing pro-Putin forces.
Hobbies: Keeping a low profile, avoiding extradition to Moscow on fraud charges.
Where is he now?: In exile in Greece, Spain or Israel.

Vladimir Potanin
Vladimir Potanin

Age: 42
Business: Metals magnate with major shareholding in Norilsk Nickel, the world's biggest nickel producer.
Worth: About $1bn.
Pedigree: Former Soviet trade official turned financier in the early 1990s. Dabbled in media and other industries including oil and telecoms before settling on metals.
Hobbies: Arts philanthropy, steering clear of politics.
Where is he now?: Plush dacha, Moscow.

Mikhail Fridman
Mikhail Fridman

Age: 39
Business: Oil magnate and financier. Financial services and retail outlets. His Alfa Bank controls TNK, a leading oil company which recently merged with BP in the largest ever foreign investment in Russia.
Worth: Unknown.
Pedigree: Engineer turned multi-purpose entrepreneur making money in oil trades and various import-export schemes.
Hobbies: PR, wooing foreign investors.
Where is he now?: Plush office, Moscow.

Oleg Deripaska

Age: 35
Business: Aluminium. His company Base Element controls more than 70 per cent of Russia's aluminium capacity. He also makes cars, has a stake in Aeroflot and dabbles in timber, textiles and insurance.
Worth: $1.5bn.
Pedigree: An engineer by training, he was a late arrival to the premier league of oligarchy. But he did his time along with erstwhile partner Abramovich in the vicious "aluminium wars" for control of lucrative metal assets in Siberia in the 1990s.
Hobbies:Buying moribund Soviet industrial giants.
Where is he now?: Moscow, Russia's industrial heartlands.

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