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Last Updated: Tuesday, 5 August, 2003, 12:48 GMT 13:48 UK
'Dead customers don't complain'
A Brazilian funeral company trying to ease the pain of death with some humorous adverts has caused offence.

One advert recently depicted a crowd happily tossing a deceased relative in the air, singing for "he's a jolly good fellow".

The punch line was that the deceased had taken out life insurance ahead of his accident.

"With our life insurance you will be so happy you will thank God for it - personally," said another slogan.

"Our clients have never come back to complain," quipped an advert for funeral services.

Sinaf, the firm involved, defended its adverts, saying humour could help counter grief.

"It is difficult to deal with death...if you humour it, you help to break the barriers and make things easier," Sinaf's director Pedro Bulcao told a Sao-Paolo based newspaper.

But television stations showing the adverts are reported to have been inundated with complaints.

Sinaf also takes part in a radio sport show where the worst player in a football match is awarded a "dead man on the field" title.


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