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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 July, 2003, 16:44 GMT 17:44 UK
At-a-glance: Unions in BA dispute
BBC News Online looks at the unions that lined up against British Airways during the dispute over introduction of a new clocking-on system.

Transport and General Workers Union

  • This union, known as T&G, represents 2,000 check-in, sales and reservation staff at Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and 28,500 members across BA.

    28,500 BA members
    2,000 involved in Heathrow and Gatwick disputes
    Total UK members: 900,000

  • Its general secretary, Sir Bill Morris, says the swipecard system itself is not a problem, but workers are worried about how the data it collects could be used.

  • The T&G has 900,000 members in every type of workplace.

  • The union was founded in 1922, and is divided into four sectors: food and agriculture, manufacturing, services and transport.

  • There is also a sector dedicated to women, race and equalities.

  • The transport sector represents more than 200,000 workers from commercial road transport, docks and waterways and civil air transport as well as all passenger services.

  • The services sector represents more than 300,000 public service, white collar, construction and general workers.

  • Sir Bill Morris has been the union's general secretary since 1991.


  • The GMB represents 11,000 BA staff. 750 of its members are involved in the Heathrow dispute, with a further 350 at Gatwick.

    11,000 BA members
    750 involved at Heathrow, 350 at Gatwick
    Total members: 700,000

  • GMB leader Kevin Curran has said nothing will be resolved until BA wins back the confidence of its workers.

  • The GMB wants management to start with a clean slate remove the swipecard entry system from airports.

  • It says it will then be prepared to enter into negotiations about the system and any future changes BA might be planning - such as the introduction of a network of electronic systems known as Integrated Airport Resource Management (iARM).

  • It believes iARM would lead to a new rostering arrangement for staff, linked to the swipecard initiative, which would factor in busy and quiet times at airports.

  • BA has said it has identified the iARM system as a "suitable" way of managing staff as it moves towards modernising its systems over the next five years.

  • The GMB refers to itself as "Britain's general union" and represents 700,000 people, nearly 40% of whom are women.

  • It is the sum of a number of mergers of longstanding trades unions representing a number of production and service sectors and trades.

  • One in every 31 employees in Britain is a member of the GMB, which has more than 25,000 shop stewards.

  • It has represented workers for the past 112 years, and members recover over 1 million each week in compensation.


  • Amicus represents 20,000 BA workers, 8,000 of whom work at Heathrow and Gatwick. Up to 400 of these are check-in staff.

    20,000 BA members
    400 involved at Heathrow and Gatwick
    Total members: 1.1 million

  • The union has said it would call for a cooling-off period, with staff continuing to sign in using the old paper method until an agreement is reached.

  • It says it is not opposed to the swipecard entry system itself, but is concerned about the way the information it collects might be used.

  • It is worried the working patterns of its members might be disrupted at short notice, and says it is angry that the system has been introduced without agreement from its members.

  • Amicus was formed earlier this year when the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union and MSF union merged.

  • It is both the UK's largest manufacturing union and largest private sector union.

  • It has 1.1 million members throughout the private and public sectors. Its general secretary is Derek Simpson.


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