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Last Updated: Friday, 27 June, 2003, 06:59 GMT 07:59 UK
Roadies union launches at Glastonbury
Billy Bragg
Billy Bragg calls for advice for roadies
Folk singer Billy Bragg and Coldplay are supporting the launch of a trade union for rock star roadies.

The initiative, which is being launched at the Glastonbury music festival, aims to provide financial advice and support for workers employed as road crew for music bands.

"Everybody is worried about pensions provision these days and road crew are not immune to such concerns," said Mr Bragg.

"It about time that we made sure that our co-workers were looked after in this department."

The GMB have vast experience in looking after the needs of people who have unusual jobs
Billy Bragg
Folk singer

The Roadcrew Provident Syndicate will be a branch of the GMB, one of the country's biggest trade unions.

It will offer help and advice on pensions, savings, pay and working conditions.

"The GMB have vast experience in looking after the needs of people who have unusual jobs such as club doormen, sex workers and mini-cab drivers," said Mr Bragg.

He told the BBC's Five Live radio station that roadies had to support partners and children just like anyone else.

More services

Roadies claim that they do not enjoy much job security and have to cope with variable incomes throughout their careers.

John Ayres, a freelancer crew member, told BBC Breakfast that he would like to see the financial services market provide more products for his line of work.

The GMB will also work to improve terms and conditions in the industry, said Martin Smith from the union.

The launch of the union will take place on the festival's so-called Left Field, an area where debates on union and political issues are held.

All 112,000 tickets for the three-day festival sold out in a record 18 hours when they went on sale earlier this year.

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