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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 12 March, 2003, 23:23 GMT
Young 'cannot afford to leave home'
Students in a library
Education costs are now a major burden
Young adults across Europe are living at home with their parents for longer, a study has found.

The rising costs of housing and further education together with a reduction in state support is making it increasingly hard for people in the 18-24 age group to strike out on their own.

The research, by independent market analyst Datamonitor, found that 67% of 18-24 year olds across Europe still relied on their parents for housing last year.

There is also an increasing likelihood that young people in Northern Europe return home having left, a phenomenon described as 'boomeranging'.

Economic factors

For those that have flown the family nest, cohabiting with a partner is the most popular living arrangement, accounting for 4.3 million young adults across Europe in 2002.

Percentage of 18-24 year olds still living at home
Italy 95%
Spain 94%
Germany 60%
UK 57%
France 57%
Sweden 46%
Source: Datamonitor

Economic considerations seem to dominate in Northern Europe while strong family ties persuade many young people in Mediterranean countries to live with their parents.

In excess of 90% of young Italian and Spanish adults still live at home.

But in the UK and France only 57% of 18-24 year olds live at home, while young adults in Sweden are the most independent more than 50% having cut the apron strings.

"The increasing tendency to live at home for longer, or return after having left previously, is as much a function of the constraints facing young adults as it is personal choice," said Daniel Bone, the report's author.

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