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Last Updated:  Monday, 10 March, 2003, 12:32 GMT
Arm-wrestling duel ends telecoms battle
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The new way of reaching an out of court settlement
For centuries, Justice has been portrayed as using a pair of scales to weigh up case evidence and arrive at a fair ruling.

Now two firms have resorted to using a pair of arms, and brute strength, to settling a business dispute.

Bosses at New Zealand telecoms firm TeamTalk have been arguing with radio communications company MCS Global Digital over access to their mobile radio network.

But, worried over the time and fees involved in court hearings, TeamTalk boss David Ware challenged MCS chief Allan Cosford to settle the dispute through an arm-wrestling contest.

Mr Cosford accepted, and agreed to a duel before spectators in a gym near to his firm's Auckland-based headquarters.

High stakes

At stake was more than 200,000 New Zealand dollars ($70,700; $113,000), said Mr Ware, whose Wellington-based firm has previously gained a high profile for its indoor Friday barbecues.

And, despite losing the best-of three-bouts contest, Mr Ware said he had no regrets over his challenge.

"I guess losing was tough," he told news agency Reuters.

"However, it's not nearly as painful as dealing with lawyers."

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