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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 19 February, 2003, 10:36 GMT
Yahoo defends its name in India
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Internet giant Yahoo has succeeded in blocking an Indian tea firm from using its name.

Bombay-based Sarda Trading marketed tea under the brand name Yahoo, but is now prevented from doing so at least until 10 March, when a final court hearing is due to take place.

Yahoo's lawyers alleged that the tea company was attempting to pass its products off as being associated with the internet firm, which operates a dedicated Indian portal.

Such attempts, Yahoo said, would dilute the "distinctiveness, uniqueness and exclusivity" attached to the company's brand.

What's in a name

This is the second time that Yahoo has fought to defend its brand on the Indian market.

Four years ago, it successfully prevented a firm from using the internet name yahooindia.com, a site which had bodily lifted content from Yahoo's own pages.

This case, less directly connected to Yahoo's online business, was less clear cut.

But the internet firm has already made attempts to shift its brand into the world of consumer products, producing and marketing a range of clothing and computer accessories.

It is now in the process of signing deals with a range of even more diverse firms, including ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's and retailer 7-Eleven.



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