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Chinese netizens divided over Google move

China has condemned US giant Google's move to stop censoring search results and direct its users to an unrestricted Hong Kong site - effectively shutting its mainland Chinese search service. But what do Chinese netizens make of it?

Google headquarters in Beijing, China

There is sharp division between the reactions from Chinese internet users on websites that lie inside and outside Chinese government censorship.

The vast majority of the comments and blogs on Chinese mainland websites appear to express hate and anger towards Google.

But tweets and comments that appear to come from users in mainland China on websites based outside the country express sympathy and support towards Google, and anger towards the Chinese government.


Source: re: Google exits China

"This kind of company should definitely be cleansed from China! Don't give it any opportunity to do business in China! Do you still assume that we are in the era of the Eight-Power Allied Forces [the intervention by eight nations to end the 1900 Boxer rebellion]?"

"The power, status and reputation of a country is unshakable. You are just a company that came to China not long ago and you are expecting special privileges? Nuts!"

"Get out! I have never used that fart Google. Boycott the American products!"

Source: re: Google exits China

"Just go away. Don't come back! Hong Kong is also a part of China. Don't stay in Hong Kong."

Source: re: Google exits China

"National interest is above everything. Without the nation nothing will stand. Anyone who insults China is insulting over one billion Chinese people. Stand up Chinese people! Probably Google was here just to cause destruction and destroy Chinese unity."

Source: re: Google exits China

"We still have I don't use much Google to start with. Just go. Who cares? Without it, China's internet will become better in the future."

"We welcome the exit of Google from China. We allowed you to earn so much money, and you still caused all this fuss. If you don't want to abide by Chinese laws, just go away! Hong Kong is also a part of China, so you shouldn't stay in Hong Kong either. Google is just a global thug of the US imperialists."


Source: Google Buzz by Frank

"Google leaving China is a tragedy. Whose tragedy is it? Google's? Or China's? Or a tragedy for the Chinese internet users? China is one step nearer a closed door. Closure will lead to backwardness, and those who are backward will be beaten up. This is the lesson that our predecessors have learned with bloodshed. It is a tragedy for the whole nation."

Source: Google Buzz by Jia Jia

"The exit of Google has nothing to do with good or evil. A foreign company does not have the responsibility of helping China to become transparent and free. The praise, accusations and expectations are just reflections of our own conditions."

Source: Twitter re: Google exits China

"Hello everyone, Train Line Harmony reminds you that passenger Google has been kicked out of the train due to its violation of train regulations. Passengers on board please abide by the regulations, shut the curtains tight and do not watch the scenery outside. The train will turn back soon. Next stop Pyongyang."

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