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Asian neighbours react to nuclear test

As more missiles are fired following North Korea's nuclear test , people in neighbouring China, Japan and South Korea told the BBC News website about their dismay and concern at the state's actions.


H Uchikawa

I was embarrassed by the way North Korea conducted these tests, without giving us Japanese any notice. I understand that they gave notice to China and the US.

That is what worries me. Here in Japan we suffered from the atomic bomb. We want to see the atomic bomb disappear from all over the world.

We find it very alarming that our neighbour has such capability. And the way they conducted this makes me worry that North Korea is threatening Japan.

The Japanese government is reacting but its voice is not strong. It should give a tough clear message to the world.

Currently, it looks as if we have no control over this issue. We look weak and in this respect the government irritates me and other Japanese.


Jun Morikawa

I was really surprised. North Korea tested long range missiles just one month ago.

I feel threatened by their actions, worried. We are all very worried because it comes down to national security and people are very concerned.

The prime minister doesn't seem to know exactly what to do. The UN doesn't come up with clear answers about what to do. The international community can't really monitor security council resolutions.

North Korea knows that weakness. I think we are slightly helpless. I don't have confidence in our ability to police North Korea.

Everybody in Japan feels hostile towards North Korea. I think most of our population hates that country. Some people say we should start discussing changing our pacifist constitution, but I think it's too early to go down that route.

But they do seem to be laughing at Japan. We are already within their target. They can strike us whenever they want. That's pretty scary.


Ha Sudong

I don't really care about North Korea's actions. They are just trying to get attention from the outside world.

But the South Korean government is in chaos now because our former president killed himself. I wonder if North Korea took advantage of this moment of chaos to play power games.

That's why I don't think they will launch a nuclear weapon right now. It is posturing.

But this could be very dangerous. Nobody really knows what is going on with Kim Jong-il. We hear that the government there is changing and this is their way of showing that they are still strong.

I'm not afraid but I'm concerned. This South Korean government doesn't know about North Korea. It's better to know North Korea than to ignore it.

But now people here are also very concerned about the death of our former president.


I'm not at all worried. But I'm angry at their childish behaviour.

My view is that North Korea is trying to get the attention of the US. This is their way of getting attention.

It is a dangerous thing but Korean people don't care about this. Nobody is really worried about a war between the North and South happening again.

Reunification is our ultimate aim. North Koreans also want this reunification but their way of going about things is different.

Kim Jong-il has run their government for such a long time and now he might hand some power onto his son. Even though we are not scared, we know this is an unpredictable place.


Du Yuping

I know North Korea. I worked with North Korea in the field of health for 10 years.

To be very frank, I don't know why they launched missiles and conducted nuclear tests again. I think neighbouring countries have mishandled the situation with them. This is a mistake.

South Korea has taken a tough position with regard to the North. The Chinese give a little aid and the US gives very little too. The country is so poor.

It wants to make a big noise to draw attention from other countries. They are so poor and life is so hard in North Korea and that is why I think they try and sell the message to their people that their government is strong and can conduct nuclear tests.

I don't feel threatened. The Chinese are not so worried. The Chinese government should work with South Korea and the US to tell North Korea what we want and what we can do for them.

We don't want to remove the regime. We want stable government [and] economic development. That is how we must handle this.

Hanny Geng

I don't like the North Korean leader. Some Chinese view North Korea as a rogue state. I think the Chinese government has also said that it is resolutely against the test. As an ordinary Chinese man I don't think this is a good way to conduct things.

I don't trust Kim Jong-il. I never trusted him. North Koreans are living in a very poor situation.

With these actions, North Korea is holding China hostage. It wants to push China into a very difficult situation. I don't think North Korea's leader can be trusted and that worries me.

Historically, China as had a strong relationship with North Korea but in my view most Chinese don't like this.

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