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Anger over China milk scandal

As thousands of babies fall ill after drinking formula milk made from contaminated powder, people in China describe their concern and anger at the revelations.


A group of Chinese parents gather at a Sanlu milk powder distributor office to try to get refunds for the milk they bought only to find the office closed, in Wuhan, central China"s Hubei province on September 16, 2008
Many parents are worried about what to feed their babies
We have been feeding our baby on Chinese-produced milk powder for the past 12 months. We have now been told that 22 brands have been contaminated but I don't know what these are. I've contacted our milk producer's headquarters but had no response.

The whole thing is worrying.

I really can't believe that anyone would allow rubbish to get into the food chain for babies, but now there is talk that adding melamine has found its way into all kinds of dairy products.

We have only just switched our son over to cow's milk but the health ministry says it is a common problem with farmers to add melamine to milk.

There's a real lack of information. But I feel that within a week or so there will be very few farmers adding stuff to the milk and probably the problem will die down.

A lot of people are pointing out that people only have one child and this magnifies the issue.

I get the impression that the government will deal severely with the culprits, though I'm not sure they are the best at providing timely information. But if a Chinese company is going to lose face internationally, they will deal with it firmly.


Our daughter is now almost three years old. We have always been very careful about using infant formula that is made in a country other than China . The one we chose is made in Ireland and costs more than other leading brands.

I will be taking a closer look at what brands I buy and where the contents originate
We are concerned by this scandal and hope and pray that the issue is resolved quickly and without further human misery. The criminals responsible need to be publicly punished to show others that it is a bad thing to make money by causing suffering.

I hope they suffer in jail for a long time.

We didn't use Chinese-made milk because we are a bit better off than some. We are lucky that we have a choice as not everyone does.

But a lot of Chinese people are very choosy about what products they purchase. I will be taking a closer look at what brands I buy and where the contents originate.

This is fresh news and people are talking about it, but not so much out of anger but dislike of the people who are responsible. People are satisfied with the government action so far.


Alice Xiao
Ding Xiao Xu: Hopes more safety measures will be taken
This milk incident is the most serious event for China this year. I cannot believe that this could happen in China.

I feel we are a country which pays a lot of attention to moral issues so I am concerned about how such a terrible event could happen to such a helpless group - small babies.

I feel so grieved and shocked and so do my friends and relatives. I just imagine the future of these babies. Will they live with the pain of kidney stones forever? How great is the damage?

When it comes to the government, I think we have seen their prompt reaction such as recalling all Sanlu milk products and putting together funds to help the babies. I hope many more measures will be taken.

The most seriously affected regions are Hebei - poor and remote counties.


This scandal has definitely shocked everybody.

I live in a big city and all my neighbours and colleagues who have a little baby went to buy imported milk powders soon as they got the news.

Some Sanlu products are very cheap and Sanlu is very famous in China. They have a large market share. Many families were willing to use their products, and in the city only poor families used their low-end products.

This scandal has definitely shocked everybody
On what the government has done my reaction is that these things should not happen in the first place. The reaction is proper but it comes too late.

The government has done better than we thought, but it is still not enough.

People are very disappointed. We want to know what government officials had been doing all the day.


I am so angry about this issue. When I heard the news I just couldn't believe it. And it has really shocked all the people around me.

I do not have children myself but I feel for those people who are put in this position.

I think the government should do more. But their first priority should be to punish the guilty offenders.

I have not bought Sanlu milk, and I will not buy any but we have now heard that the scandal affects many more products than we thought at first.

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